Interweave Flower Bracelet


 Create a beautiful bracelet using the interweave technique to create a crystal flower design.

Fee: Orig $49; includes all materials and classroom use of tools
(May upgrade to Swarovski crystal kit for $10)
Bring 1 Friend $35 each
Bring 2 Friends $25 each
[Take a class with a friend - get $10 off each]
Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday, April 16th 3:00PM-4:00PM *Spring Break*


We will create a class for you, just call (908)232-3411 to request a date.


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Call to schedule your next class - dates available Wed-Fri and some Saturdays/Sundays


Wig Jig -Wire Jewelry

This jewelry making class uses color coated artistic wire and a Wig Jig to create beautiful jewelry. We will teach many designs and shapes to create earrings, bracelets or pendants for necklaces.
 Learn how to harden wire and wrap wire around pegs to make these beautiful designs for jewelry.
 Fee: $45 includes materials and classroom use of tools.
We will create a class for you - just call to request a date*908-232-3411


Advanced Pendulum Class

Advanced Pendulum




This workshop is for those who have some

experience with pendulums. You will increase

your knowledge of techniques used to work with

pendulums. You will be taught how to

clear and program your own pendulum.

Learn the correct way to use the pendulum for

answering questions, as well as a tool for

increasing your own intuition. We will use

pendulum charts to answer specific questions and

discover how to find lost objects with your



$55 per class

Ages 15-adult



7/9 1:30-4:00

7/24 7:00-9:30PM


Call to book your date now! (908)232-3411

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Helix Crystal Bracelet Class


Helix Crystal Bracelet Class


FullSizeRCreate this beautiful crystal helix

bracelet. You will learn how to

weave 4 strands of glass beads

and Swarovski crystals into a

beautiful 3D helix design.


Ages 10-Adult




July 9th    9:30AM-12:00PM


To book your class now - call (908)232-3411

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Dreamcatcher Shamballa Bracelet Class

Dreamcatcher Shamballa Bracelet

Dreamcatchers are traditionally hung over a bed to protect one from nightmares.

Also incorporate the tying and stringing tecniques to make a dreamcatcher! Made popular by the Ojibwe tribe in Native American culture, the Ojibwe construct dreamcatchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow. The resulting "dream-catcher", hung above the bed, is used as a charm to protect sleeping people, usually children, from nightmares.
Fee: $45- *See special $10 discount for afterschool classes below - Fee includes basic materials and classroom use of tools to make a Shamballa bracelet. Gemstone beads available for upgrade.
We will create a class for you - just call to request a date*

*If scheduling this class for anytime afterschool or for spring break, mention this discount for $10 off of your class!*

Just Bead Yourself, is located at:

113 Central Ave, 2nd Floor Westfield, NJ 07090
(look for purple door by the parking lot entrance near Starbucks)
For more info dial (908 )BEAD-411 908 232-3411

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